Weekend Residency in the Print Studios at PreNeo Press

In the spirit of community and collaboration PreNeo invites artists to come work with us in the print studio. We do this several times a year.

PreNeo likes to mix it up and has both digital and traditional printmaking studios. We use and continue to explore earth friendly materials.

We enjoy pushing the boundaries in print media and getting people excited about printmaking. We work closely with our residency artists to help facilitate their ideas. In this regard, we encourage the artists we invite to work experimentally — to try processes and/or combinations of digital and traditional techniques which are new to their repertoire. At the end of the studio day on Sunday we have a small reception to view the work and celebrate the art spirit.

Summer 2015
Jeff Evans

Artist's Book


Summer 2011
Stephanie Metz

Monotypes with drypoint and chine colle


Summer 2011
Lyn Bishop

"Changing Places" series
Pigment printing, monotype, drypoint, screenprint and chine colle


Spring 2011
Maggie Manske



Spring 2011
Erin Manske



Winter 2010
Laura Mappin

"Suspended Love"
Monoprints with laser cut doilies


Spring 2009
Jason Adkins



Autumn 2008
Julia Bradshaw

"On Photographing Breasts"
Three Folios: screenprinting with photography


Winter 2008
Willa Briggs

"Jersey Cows"


Winter 2008
Christine Laffer

"The Weight of Lucidity"


Summer 2007
Katherine Bazak

Pigment print fresco


Autumn 2006
Jack Toolin

"Offering for the Free Market"
Three color lithograph with intaglio and inkjet chine collé


Summer 2006
Molly Maureen



Autumn 2005
David Beres

"Fruitman Rides Again"
Pigment printed digital photo collage


Spring 2005
Eileen McGarvey

"Jumping Jill Animal" of the 21 Questions Family
Digitally printed kinetic constructions with embellishments


Summer 2004
Norma Greider

Plexiglass plate monoprints using cut paper stencils


Spring 2004
José Arenas

Plexiglass plate monoprints with lithography


Winter 2003
Robin McCloskey

Five color screenprint with inkjet chine collé, hand coloring