Winter 2010

Laura Mappin
Monoprints with laser cut vellum doilies

"Suspended Love"


detail "Suspended Love"


"Suspended Love"



Laura Mappin is an independent artist and entrepreneur working to demystify bodily elements and aspects of human sexuality. Laura specializes in crocheted body parts, erotica and unconventional doilies. Her work confronts social conventions with the purpose of developing dialogues surrounding that which might otherwise be considered unacceptable or impolite conversation. At the time of her residency, Laura was a teacher and laser evangelist for the TechShop in Menlo Park.

Laura's Website

Print Specifications:
Print Media: Stencil-based Monotype with laser cut vellum doilies, acrylic beads
Inks: Graphic Chemical oil base
Substrate: Rives BFK and Fabriano, 11" x 14"
Edition: 12 e.v., signed 1/12 through 12/12. Plus four unique monoprints on 23" x 31" archival index, and print residue.