PreNeo Press Projects

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From this Earth

Artists' book


It exists as:

• handmade artists' book
• trade edition artists' book


You are the Tree

Community Focused Installation


It exists as:

• site specific installation
• sculptural object



Democratic Multiples


It exists as:

• duplicated tracts for mass distribution
• brochure rack with "FREE take me" instructions

foodies logo

Foodies: Seven West Coast Foodie Vignettes

Artist's Book


It exists as:

• Portfolio of seven letterpress printed folios, each with wood type printed cover, two color interior screen print illustration, and original story which explores the diversity of meaning in food related language.

preserves logo


Audience participatory installation based on the question
"What do you want to preserve?"

Winter 2015

It exists as:

• On-site interactive installation

undercurrents logo


Print Portfolio

Winter 2014 themed portfolio of prints

It exists as:

• Boxed set of prints by fourteen artists (Release Date: Feb 2014)
• Exhibition of framed prints

pizzagraph logo

Pizzagraphs- hand-thrown prints

Photographic Explorations of various cities

Fall 2013 collaborative portfolio of prints

It exists as:

• Boxed set of six prints

CSI: Creative Sightseeing Investigation

Photographic Explorations of various cities

Began 2010

It exists as:

• Conceptual Books


Conceptual Intervention

Created & distributed Winter Solstice 2011

It exists as:

• Animation
• Letterpress printed multiple


Words (to help us navigate)

Evolving Thoughts. Always Free.

It exists as:

• Printed pamphlets
• pdf


Publishing platform

Project began in 2009

It exists as:

• Online publication which features Interviews with creative persons
• Print publication

scope creep

News platform

Project began in 2009

It exists as:

• Website
• A means for us to share our projects and events

Meaning Matters: Projects from PreNeo Press

Gallery Exhibition

Humanities Center Gallery, CSU Chico, March 2008

It exists as:

• Gallery exhibition
• Website documentaion

Hunger Button Books


Project began in 2007

It exists as:

• Publishing adventure for books about art and art that is bookish


Project Exhibition & Catalogue

Krause Center for Innovation Art Gallery, August 2006

It exists as:

• Gallery installation/exhibition
• Project catalogue download pdf
• Nice postcard

Meaning Maker

Conceptual Intervention

Project began in 2006

It exists as:

• Guided interactive response structures in the form of fillout form pamphlets
• Branded product line
• Gallery Kiosk
• Gallery Installation
• Intervention: free distribution in public spaces

It Begins with You

Peace buttons

Project began in 2004

It exists as:

• Baker's Dozen Candy Colored Peace Buttons
Gallery installation
• Democratic multiples
• Activist/intervention: free distribution in public spaces, more than 7,500 buttons as of January 2009

Weekend Residency in the Print Studio

Making art with friends

Project began in 2003

It exists as:

• Collaborative play in the print studios
• Community building
• Celebration of the art spirit
• Art distribution platform

The Archaeology of Being

Collaborative Installation/Exhibition

WORKS San José, July 1999

It exists as:

• Collaborative gallery installation with Ruth Eckland
• Website documentation
• Happy memory

PreNeo Press

Conceptual Collaboration

Project began in 1992

It exists as:

• A lifestyle
• A celebration
• A partnership
• Multi-faceted project creation and engagement
• Therapy