Foodies: Seven West Coast Foodie Vignettes

Portfolio of seven letterpress printed folios, each with wood type printed cover, two color interior screen print illustration, and original story which explores the diversity of meaning in food related language.

Foodies is housed in a letterpress printed portfolio.

The foodie vignettes are: Can, Chop, Grill, Jam, Pickle, Poach, and Salt.

Stories: Nanette Wylde
Illustrations: Kent Manske
Letterpress Printing: Kent Manske with Alan Hillesheim
Screen Printing: Kent Manske
Portfolio Design & Construction: Kent Manske with Don Drake
Fonts: Windsor, Myriad, American Typewriter
Paper: French Paper Company, Speckletone Kraft
Dimensions: Individual folios open: 12" x 18" Individual folios closed: 6" x 18"
Edition Size: 55

A Foodie Story


Table Setting:
Midday at a truckstop outside of Los Angeles

"Hey. Can I ask you something?" a soft, raspy voice whispered.

may, have permission to

She was leaning across the counter, her cans the size of birthday balloons,
were bursting out of her blouse. It was challenging not to stare.

tits, boobs, knockers

He'd just gotten out of the can and she was a sweet sight indeed.
Raspberry lips, chocolate eyes and those two juicy watermelons.
"You look like a movie star."


"Oh but I am." She smiled sweetly. "Just finished Breakfast is Tiffany. It's in the can."

recorded on film, completed

She was holding two cans of beer, the cheap, lawnmower stuff, not the craft beer
popular with the city crowd. "Which of these is better?"

a sealed container for food or beverages

It was roasting outside. He was salivating for the icy cold beer and the berry colored
lips on this dame. Back in the kitchen he could hear Chip singing a saucy little number
as he played the kitchen like a drum kit from Sears Roebuck. He was making a racket.
"Chip, can that noise will ya!"

to put a stop to

He wanted to hear that whiskey voice again. He wanted to can it all,
get out of this dump and run away with this honey muffin.

to throw something away

He popped the brews, hoping to settle into a long slow simmer of a flirt.
Something tasty can happen here, he thought.

to have the possibility

"I just got canned on the set," she sighed.

to dismiss, fire

"And I can act, let me tell ya." She took a long guzzle, letting the beer spill down her neck.

to be able, have the ability, power, or skill to, or the right to

She was making him steamy. This was a feeling that couldn't be canned.

to preserve by sealing in a can, jar

They shared a few stories, but he had to carry the can -- she was hot and he was rusty.

to take the responsibility

After a few beers she excused herself to go to the can, and she didn't come back.

toilet, bathroom