Title: Undercurrents
Description: A themed portfolio of original prints by fifteen San Francisco Bay Area artists
Year: 2014
Print Media: screen printing, relief, etching, photo-gravure, letterpress, pigment and hybrid prints
Print Size: 22" x 15"
Boxed Portfolio: 23.5" x 16" x 1.125"
Print Edition: Twenty, or larger as determined by individual artists. All prints signed and numbered.
Portfolio Design: Don Drake, Dreaming Mind Bindery, Castro Valley
Organizer: Kent Manske, kent at preneo dot org, 650-454-4570

Don Drake
Portfolio Box
box, hand-lettered logo design, screen printing

Title Page
pigment print

Kent Manske
screen print, sixty finger prints

Fanny Retsek
219 vs 3000
screen print

Doug Minkler
Stop the Naval Base on Jeju Island
screen print

Julia Bradshaw
Working Backup
pigment print

Robin McCloskey

Ianne Kjorlie
Points of Change
hard ground etching, photogravure, chine collé

Nanette Wylde
I will remember
relief on pigment print

Servane Briand
Culture Dynamics
screen print

Mike Day
Water's Edge - Alviso
relief print

Susan O'Malley
On the freeway our eyes meet

Eric Kneeland
Pay to Play
screen print

Ema Harris-Sintamarian
Invisible Cities
relief print

José Arenas
Western Sky
screen print

Karen Rush
Dead Reckoning
screen print