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Encyclopedic: Weathered Volumes
Visual documentation of altered books (encyclopedias), 2023

The American Educator Encyclopedia was first published in 1919. It was discontinued in 1977. This ten volume set of encyclopedias was used by Kent in his youth from the mid 1960s to around 1978. In the late 90s Nanette turned the books into art objects, painting them pure white. After exhibiting them a few times she put them outside in the garden where they were left for several decades.

At some point it was decided they reached an aesthetically pleasing degree of decay, needed rescue, and were brought indoors. In 2023 we determined it was time to document the books, thus, Encyclopedic: Weathered Volumes was photographed to create this conceptual body of work.

Series of 20 views presented as archival pigment prints on Arches in an edition of five each
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From This Earth

Handmade artist's book with original images and text. A story of an individual's transformation in relation to Earth.

Created with Kent Manske.
Pigment printed on Rives BFK Tan and Epson Enhanced Matte papers; banana leaf paper interleaving ; French link exposed spine on tapes; hardcover.
10.5" x 15.5" x .75" closed.
Edition: 3. 2020
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Redacted Babar: ABC Free

Based on an altered board book: B is for Babar: An alphabet book by Laurent de Brunhoff.
Pigment printed on Entrada and Rives BFK.
French link exposed spine on tapes
9" x 9" x .5" closed.
Edition: 3. 2020
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Artist's book with original poem and three hand pulled prints. Positioning is about navigating thinking in uncertain times.

Cover and end papers: Screenprint on bookcloth and Mohawk Carnival.
Images: Stencil, relief and oil-based ink monotype processes on Rives BFK.
Text: Pigment on Rives BFK.
16" x 20" x .35" closed.
Edition: 5. 2019
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Over It

A collection of reminders and assists to aid in actualizing one's agency in koyaanisqatsi times.

Cover: Oil based relief.
Insides: Pigment, toner, and oil-based relief including handset wood type printed on a variety of papers.
5" x 7" x .25" closed.
Relief printed folder with inclusions
Edition: 100. 2017
Pattern Recognition

A brief musing on the relationship between theories of modern psychology and current events.

Cover: Letterpress on St. Armand.
Insides: Toner print.
4.25" x 2.75" closed.
Deluxe Edition: 100. 2017
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Foodies: Seven West Coast Foodie Vignettes

Portfolio of seven letterpress printed folios, each with wood type printed cover, two color interior screen print illustration, and original story which explores the diversity of meaning in food related language. Foodies is housed in a letterpress printed portfolio. The foodie vignettes are: Can, Chop, Grill, Jam, Pickle, Poach, and Salt.

Stories: Nanette Wylde
Illustrations: Kent Manske
Letterpress Printing: Kent Manske with Alan Hillesheim
Screen Printing: Kent Manske
Portfolio Design & Construction: Kent Manske with Don Drake
Fonts: Windsor, Myriad, American Typewriter
Paper: French Paper Company, Speckletone Kraft
Dimensions: Individual folios open: 12" x 18" Individual folios closed: 6" x 18"
Edition: 57. 2017
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The Future
Written & illustrated: Nanette Wylde and Nora Raggio
Cover: pigment print on Epson matte paper.
Insides: Laser toner on Mohawk Superfine.
7" x 5" closed.
7" x 10" open.
Codex. 36 pages.
Edition: 58. 2015
Making Ready Haiku
Printed from hand set lead type on a Kelsey platen press.
Ten poems from my own random haiku generators:
Random Haiku for the Millennial Shift and HaikU.
Font: Gill Sans
Paper: Mohawk Superfine
Covers: various "make ready"
4" x 4" closed.
Codex. 24 pages.
Edition: 48. 2015
The Circus
Written & illustrated: Nanette Wylde
Cover image: solarplate intaglio on Rives.
Cover paper: Mr. Ellie Pooh elephant dung.
Insides: pigment print & manual typing on Mohawk Superfine.
Typewriter: 1940's Royal Companion.
8.5" x 5.5" closed.
8.5" x 11" open.
Codex with wrapper. 40 pages.
Edition: 5. 2014
Remembering Elephants
Written & illustrated: Nanette Wylde.
Paper: Awagami IJP Bamboo, 250g & 170g.
Cover: Epson pigment & oil-based intaglio.
Image & Text: Epson pigment & oil-based wood relief.
Font: ITC Benguiat.
8" x 7.5" closed.
8" x 15" open.
Codex with pamphlet stitch. Wrapper. 24 pages.
Edition: 5. 2014
Ten Amazing Human Inventions that I Use Almost Daily and am Truly Grateful For
Written & illustrated: Nanette Wylde
Cover: Photopolymer relief on St. Armand.
Insides: Pigment on Somerset.
Font: ITC American Typewriter.
4" x 4" closed.
4" x 52" open.
Accordion fold with pamphlet stitch. 13 pages.
Edition: 57. 2013
Marking Time
Written & illustrated: Nanette Wylde.
Cover: Somerset Black Velvet.
Insides: Oil based relief on Lokta.
Wrapper: Lignin free Glama.
Font: Minion Pro.
7" x 16" closed.
14" x 16" open.
Original Poem.
Embedded folios with pamphlet stitch.
Edition: 7. 2013
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On Judgment: the book of bully
Created for An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street, a project of The Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition, a global book arts' response to the car bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad on March 5, 2007.
The project is curated by Beau Beausoleil and Sarah Bodman.
Written & illustrated: Nanette Wylde.
Cover: Oil-based wood relief on Somerset Black Velvet . Insides: Oil-based wood relief on Somerset Velvet.
4.625" x 5.75" x .5" closed.
4.625" x 54" open/extended.
Accordion fold.
Edition: 17. 2012
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Created for the exhibition Earth⋅Science⋅Art.
Pigment on Moab Entrada.
6" x 6"
Square flexigon structure with wrapper.
Edition: 36. 2012
Cover: St. Armand with hand stiching.
Pages: Mohawk Superfine.
20.5" x 6"
Wrapper: Lignin free Glama.
Original poem.
Edition: 7. 2012
Hello Catty!
A five page spread movable book created with Karen Chew.
Laser cut pigment prints with ephemera.
9" x 9" closed.
Edition: 28. 2010
Laser etching on Kozo.
4.5" x 9"
Poem by Max Ehrmann.
Edition: 7. 2009
Cover: Letterpress on St. Armand.
Insides: pigment print on Mohawk Superfine.
4" x 4"
Original Poem
Edition of 28. 2009
Gray Matter Gardening: How to weed your mind
Letterpress and offset on three delightful papers.
4" x 4"
Cover printed at SFCB by Melissa Fine. Insides printed by JP Graphics of Santa Clara.
36 pages with 6 interleavings.
A Small Plates Edition published by the Imprint of the San Francisco Center for the Book, 2008.
Edition of 100. Out of print.
Ten year anniversary trade edition available through Hunger Button Books.
Pigment prints, wood, ribbon.
5" x 7"
Based on a poem I memorized in 5th grade.
Edition of 5. 2004
I keep forgetting to breath
Cover: Gray Rives BFK.
Insides: Rives lightweight. Hand embossing.
3" x 3"
Edition of 3. 1997
Poems of Time and Change by Mark Lee Wylde
Laserprinted on two papers.
Edition of 9. 1997
Contact Nanette at nwylde at preneo dot org