Nanette Wylde
Installations, Interventions & Conceptual Works

You Are The Tree
A sculptural installation by Kent Manske & Nanette Wylde

Your Own Light
Animation, projection-based installation

I Left My Dog Poop Bag on the Trail
Public Spaces Intervention

Audience participatory installation based on the question: What do you want to preserve?

Created with Kent Manske for the Euphrat Museum exhibition Mooncakes, Churros, and Cherry Pie.

Augmented Reality
Augments are experienced via the live camera view of mobile devices

These are mostly geo-location augments which are installed at specific locations via gps coordinates. You have to be there to experience them.

Diverse Paths
Lawn installation with augmented reality

Created for the Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, California. Commissioned by the Palo Alto Arts Commission, ZERO1 and the San Jose Public Art Program, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

A splattering of doves, in a rainbow array of color, fly about the viewer in a 360 degree circle. The birds are hand drawn, as opposed to photographic, and thus are imbued with a fine art aesthetic, even as they animate the space. The exhibition site is marked by the shapes of birds in flight. These signs, located on the open lawn (Embarcadero Road side) of the Palo Alto Art Center, indicate to passersby that there is something else to interact with in this space.
The work celebrates diversity, creativity, nature, and the power of universal symbols.

The Qi Project
Documentation of retired Flash project

This is an online version which combines the elements of the gallery installation in a single interface.
Audience participatory.

Meaning Maker
Conceptual intervention in the form of fill-out-form pamphlets presented in a variety of formats to fit each venue's needs/agendas. This image is from Corporate Art Expo at The Lab in San Francisco.

This is an ongoing collaborative project with Kent Manske.

It begins with you
Candy colored peace buttons, freely given since 2003

Another 'Answer & Post' Question for Art
Audience participatory postal project for gallery installation.

The Archaeology of Being
Collaborative Installation/Exhibition at WORKS/San José, July 1999

Created with Ruth Eckland and Kent Manske.
The link is for a few installation images. The media components do not work with most current OS.

A Brief History...
Interactive multimedia project investigating the question: What does it mean to be born female.
Includes gallery installation. Audience participatory

Created in Director, so likely not currently available to you unless you have an old plugin and it works with your OS.

Contact Nanette at nwylde at preneo dot org