Excerpts from "A Brief History..."

"A Brief History..." begins with the question: What does it mean to be born female?

It is an interactive multimedia installation and CDROM. "A Brief History..." contains four primary components of exploration.

Body looks to media sources, language, cultural practices, and a variety of individuals' stories to illuminate concerns and perspectives of the female body. Experience Body. 260k

Mind is an abstract exploration of energy, intellect and emotion. Original music created for this work by Susan Chess. Experience Mind. 378k

Place is a celebration of women across time and across place. The images come mostly from the personal archives of friends and acquaintances. The stories are unedited memories of grandmothers, mothers, and childhood. The current version of Place contains 320 images and twenty-three stories told in twenty languages. Experience Place 485k

Time looks to the historical record for information and insight into women's roles and experiences. Interpretations are flavored with bits of camp and humor--a means of rendering the absurdities of societal practices and beliefs digestible. In this work there are three layers of time: Pre-history, Pre-patriarchy, and Civilization. Each layer contains three interpretations and includes quotes from mainstream historical sources. Experience Time 88k

Director Shockwave required to experience these mini excerpts.

© Nanette Wylde 1996