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10 Things You Can Do in Troubling Times Like These

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10 Things You Can Do in Troubling Times Like These is a poignant yet lighthearted guide to managing stress in an out-of-whack political climate.
Example text includes:
1. Keep up your health. Eat clean, planet-friendly foods. Plant an edible garden as fresh, affordable produce may be on the decline. Exercise daily. Sleep eight hours each night to repair and rejuvenate both body and mind. You will need your health to live, endure, and activate fully. Plus, traditional healthcare may not be affordable or available to you in the future, so why not prepare to avoid the need for doctors now.

2. Balance your media consumption. Limit yourself to a few diverse media sources with thorough initial, critical research. Then monitor your usage, including social media, to a controlled amount each day. One hour maximum would be ideal. Listen to music instead.

3. Focus on a single issue. There are so many issues, all vital and significant, that it can be overwhelming. Determine which is closest to your own heart and become an expert. Listen, learn, know, understand and prepare rebuttals to the opposition's arguments. Get educated, stay informed, advocate, and educate others.

2017 Fact-Checker Guide to Terminology

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The 2017 Fact-Checker Guide to Terminology is both a critique of and a therapeutic reaction to an out-of-balance media landscape with a president who systematically disseminates lies and news organizations that publish alternative facts as credible.
Examples include:
bait 'n snitch
create and disseminate a rumor to discredit a critic
a newly invented alternative fact to fit a changing agenda
delusions that find a following
turning negative accusations into positive advantage
information disseminated by an untrusted source
drawing attention to oneself to prevent the notice of unfavorable facts or events
female spokesperson whose primary role is to diseminate misinformation
systematic fabrication of facts from a set of beliefs
a lie by an individual of stature
rise in poll numbers based on propaganda
impulsive social media postings