Nanette Wylde
Electronic Flipbooks

about so many things randomly displays the activities of “He” and “She” without bias to gender. That is, the activities are drawn from the same pool of possibilities.

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He longs for a role model

She is on the offense

Arrested is a play on preconceptions regarding social, ethnic, religious, and political affiliations.

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were arrested for

not having a green card


Descriptors are adjectives and occupations, which interact in nine different randomized structures. Initially created in 1999 for the exhibition The Archaeology of Being at WORKS/San Jose, Descriptors v1 contained approximately 700 words.

Descriptors v2, created in 2011 contains approximately 2700 words.

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Random Haiku for the Millennial Shift employs randomized text to create haiku that echo these times. A new poem is created every 20 seconds out of 3.5 million possible haiku.

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old age to new world

one feels safer when one knows

proactive response


Additional Projects which include similar flipbook qualities: