Nanette Wylde
Text-based Electronic Works

Leaving Digital

A critical reading of Nicholas Negroponte's Being Digital

Thomas from Delaware

A story about Thomas from Delaware in which he is interrogated by the authorities for a number of offenses any of which it is not clear is an actual crime of focus nor is the nature of any evidence gathered to support the interrogation or the documenting of any results revealed and all without apparent concern for the interruption to Thomas' personal and professional life and the trauma to Thomas and his loved ones.

My Digital ABC's
The Problems of Existence

Experimental electronic poems which use random functions.


Flipbooks display their contents in random configurations.


Random haiku generator
Audience participatory.

The Qi Project

This online version combines the elements of the gallery installation in a single interface.
Audience participatory.


Randomly generated stories which play with stereotyping.

The Daily Planet Interactive

A dynamic newspaper parody created from real newspaper headlines.
Audience participatory.

Belief Manifesto

Audience participatory.

Words That Work

Video project of words most effective for grant writing

ArtReSearch: bigot

What is a bigot?
Audience participatory.

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