about Belief Manifesto

Belief Manifesto is a random compilation of the stated beliefs of our diverse population. This work invites you to investigate what is essential to you, and to contemplate that which is meaningful to someone else.

A major aspect of my process is to interview people and incorporate their responses into artworks which celebrate human diversity. In part my intention is to create questions in the minds of my audience regarding their own experience; to expose people to a range of experiences, and ultimately to break down some of the barriers that cause people to fear difference.

In this version of the manifesto, three pools of beliefs are randomly expressed. The first is collected from video interviews and postcard research collected prior to September 1, 2001. The second pool was collected from exhibition visitors during "New Media Connections" at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San José, California, September 1 - 3, 2001.

The third group of beliefs have been added via the website after September 4, 2001.

Please feel free to add yours...

Belief Manifesto was commissioned by "Tapestry & Talent of San José" for the "New Media Connections" exhibition at The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California.

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