Conceptually Bound 3

University Art Gallery, California State University, Chico
November 13 - December 16, 2007

The Mohr Gallery
The Community School of Music and Art in Mountain View, California
April 1 - May 25, 2008
Recpetion & Panel Discussion, April 11, 6 - 8p

Curator's Statement
Throughout recorded history books have been the containers which document and transmit human culture. It is no wonder that contemporary artists are taking their cultural production into book form, and as is the practice of art makers, pushing the concept of what defines a book beyond conventions and mainstream notions.

In a vein similar to literary texts, the contents of these works traverse the personal, the political, the spiritual, the physical, the sublime, the abject, the poetic, the playful, remembrance, and desire. The theme, Conceptually Bound, refers to the idea that the content of the book is in part expressed by the form the book takes. The books in Conceptually Bound reference the individual context of what is meaningful in the artists’ lives. Many reflect concerns of the broader culture.

Thus far, each edition (exhibition) of Conceptually Bound has featured a distinctive and separate selection of artists’ books. The artists have come from across North America, Europe, and Asia. All three editions combined have exhibited approximately 170 works by more than 90 artists/entities.

Nanette Wylde
books at

Jody Alexander
Nava Atlas
Ellie Brown
Lark Burkhart
Susan Goethel Campbell
Diane Cassidy
Cheryl Coon
Kristy Deetz
Brooke Fairfield
Judith Hoffman
Andrew Johnson
Sun Young Kang
Deborah Kogan
Dorothy Simpson Krause
Karen Kunc
Cindy Lee
Paula Levine
Jason Lujan
Kent Manske
Adrienne O'Hanlon
Susan O'Malley
Florence Ormezzano
Penny Nii
Judith Serebrin
Ellen Sollod & Ginny Hoyle
Rae Trujillo
UPPERCASE collective II, Melissa Kaup-Augustine, director
Peng-Peng Wang
Beata Wehr


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Previous Exhibitions

Conceptually Bound 2
@ Coyote Gallery
Butte College, Oroville, California
September 19 - October 24, 2002

Participating Artists

Jody Alexander
Alicia Bailey
Mindy Belloff
Julia Bradshaw
Susan Brown
Pam Cooper
Daniel Donnelly
Elizabeth Duffy
Jessica Edwards
Cheryl Hahn
Karen Hanmer
Lyall Harris
Suzanne Hatt & Pascaline Knigh
Susan Hensel
Marisa Jahn
Dorothy Simpson Krause
Leah Libow
Jone Small Manoogian
Kent Manske
Robin McCauley
Mike Mosher
Penny Nii
Susan O'Malley
Louise Pryor
Joan Stuart Ross
Judith Serebrin
Joyce Cutler Shaw
Weston Thomson
Wayne Wade
Peng-Peng Wang
ZINES @ Conceptually Bound 2

Area i

Dulcey Antonucci

Melissa Baird

before the mortgage
Christina Amini

broken umbrella
Tony Vadakan

the Capricorn Gypsies
Sandra Luck & Mary Godfrey

Cartoon Animal Channels
John Isaacson


The Gleaner
Sherylynne Carriveau

An Invitation
Anne Rita Taylor

Postmodern Anxst
Greg Beda

My Life as a Consumer
Arthur Huang

Northwest Passage
Western Oregon State College

Peter Bray

The True Wheelvoices of
David McCall Freeman

Conceptually Bound @
1078 Gallery

Chico, California
April 2001

Participating Artists
Jody Alexander
T.S. Anand
Julia Bradshaw
Joan Ingoldsby Brown
Deborah Bryan
Diane Cassidy
Ron Guzman
Judith Hoffman
Susanne Kanatsiz
Vincent Koloski
Jone Small Manoogian
Kent Manske
Robin Kree McCauley
Ruth McGurk
MJ Orcutt
Coby Prins
Felicia Rice/Moving Parts Press
Sheri Rice
Sara Rosenbluth
Genie Shenk
Karen Sjoholm
Paula Streeter
Hee Jae Suh
Linda Welker
Pamela Zwehl-Burke

"Chico News and Review"
April 19, 2001

June 2001


"My House" © Susan Hensel


"Thorn Book" © Susan Brown

"Devils Food Daniel" © Mike Mosher


"Lose Weight Naturally " © Peng-Peng Wang


"Yen for Death " © Penny Nii


"To Do" © Karen Hanmer

Conceptually Bound © Nanette Wylde 2001