I was raised in a bigoted environment. One in which people were referred to by their physical characteristics, ethnicity, religious and political affiliations, and their sexual preferences. Stereotypes filled most conversations; derogatory slang/name-calling was not given a second thought.

My awareness of social injustice developed primarily through college education. Over the years I have become increasingly sensitized to issues of inequality, marginalization and difference.

Recently, I experienced a series of what I perceived as blatantly bigoted situations. Persons sharing my experiences did not share my perceptions; regarding what I perceived as bigoted as OK.

So I have been thinking about bigotry and wondering how others think about and perceive bigotry.

I have been thinking about my own bigotry and how to get rid of it.

You are invited to collaborate in this Art ReSearch project by sharing your perceptions and experiences, and reading and responding to the contributions of others.

NWylde, 2001

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